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Small, Bright, Flexible, Simple, Cheap? My quick travel light setup.

Yes - I had a list of things I wanted for the quick travel/onsite lighting setup

  1. Small enough to go in my camera bag

  2. Powerful enough to send into an umbrella to bounce light onto at least two people

  3. Needed to be powered by Sony-type NP-Fxxx batteries

  4. Ideally have AA batteries as a backup power supply

  5. Might even have AC power as a backup to the backup

  6. Has to simple to use and quick to set up

  7. Inexpensive.

Is this craziness?

Turns out there is such a beastie. The Youngnou YN216 hits every requirement.

The light is small enough to fit in my camera bag with a bunch of batteries to boot. Check!

The image on the right is it with the RavPower NP-F550 battery on top. Check!

I tested these inexpensive batteries for lifespan with the YN 216 at full power - see the results in the video.

It also works well with AA batteries - I did a longevity test with a set of 6 Eneloop Pro AA batteries and they lasted even longer!

Of course - using AA batteries is easiest as you can find them anywhere, but over time they will cost you more unless you are using rechargeables like the Eneloops. The YN216 has a trap door built into the back plate where the controls are - it flips up and you can put the 6 batteries inside.

The YN 216 also has an optional AC power supply which is useful if you are going to be stationary for any period of time, and might be useful if you were using it for product or macro photography.

The other part of my testing was to see that the YN 216 could be added to an adapter on a travel light stand, with an umbrella, in the least amount of time possible. As it turns out - it took just under 45 seconds!!

The adapter I used was the Andoer Swivel Light Stand Bracket E Type Bracket which is all-metal, and screws onto the top of a light stand (3/8ths thread), or onto the top of a tripod (1/4-20 thread). It has a cold-show mount on the top which is how the YN 216 attaches, but if you have one of these, then you can use it for your speed light, or microphone, or any other accessories that might use a cold shoe.

It also has a hole for mounting an umbrella - which is exactly what I did.

I screwed the Andoer adapter into my travel nightstand - the Manfrotto 5001B. I have used this coast to coast in Canada, as well as in a couple locations in the US, and it has never failed. It folds up small, it is relatively light, and yet it opens up to be as must as 7 feet (2.13m) high (shown in the frame grab above at not even 5.5 feet.)

I love this little light. I have used it all over North America over the last 7 months and it is a treat to use - particularly when you see the price.

Watch my full review here:

(the YN 216, shown at 10% power output.)

Products in this post:

YN 216 Light - with removable barn doors, mini stand, hot shoe mount.

We use the Eneloop Pro kit - 8 AA + 2 AAA batteries and charger

I use the RavPower Np-F550s in the YN 216, and a Ring Light I have.

The Andoer adapter is a super helpful tool - In this instance I used it to mount the YN 216 on top with a light stand screwed into the bottom, but it could just as easily hold a speed light or a microphone on top, and just as easily screw into a tripod. It also has a hole through with you can mount an umbrella.

For more than 10 years I have used the Manfrotto 5001b light stand all over North America.

I love this thing.


This post is not sponsored by the manufacturers or their agents.

I bought these products myself, and I and my team use them all the time. I wouldn't recommend them otherwise.

As an Amazon Associate I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases you might make based on the links above. This does not change the price to you. If nothing else, the links to Amazon will give you more information about the products to compare them for your potential needs.

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